The PRIME Book Meets Dani Shapiro

I first met Dani Shapiro a decade ago when I lived in New York City. At the time, I had organized a women’s literary circle and invited Dani to speak about her current book, Family History.  It was a gripping account of one family’s unraveling. Hearing her illuminate the process of writing “Family History” deepened the admiration I felt when I first read Dani’s best selling memoir, Slow Motion. With raw honesty, Slow Motion detailed the turbulence of her twenties and the reckless choices she was making.

Now, all these years later, I found myself winding down the pastoral back roads of Litchfield County to photograph her for the PRIME book.  I couldn’t believe the woman who talked with us during the photo shoot was once the confused young woman depicted in Dani’s memoir twenty odd years ago.



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