The PRIME Book Meets Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith is a rock star. That’s not her day job; It’s WHO SHE IS. She teaches spin classes at SOUL CYCLE in New York and every one of her classes is a religious experience. Spin classes are done on a stationary bike. You adjust a resistance knob in the center of the bike to the left or right depending on how much resistance you want.

As Melanie guides you through the ride, the music and words she carefully chooses are there encouraging you to be your best self, on the bike, in that moment…and in your life. You get the clear sense she’s really pushing you to be stronger, to push harder while remaining compassionate with yourself and with others. She says,

OK, turn the resistance to the right.
This is your obstacle.
Right here. Right in front of you.
You decide how hard you want to fight it.

The music runs through every cell of that woman’s body. Even the lymphoma cancer cells she discovered less than a year ago.

We photographed Melanie twice for PRIME. Once a week before she started chemo and then again after her second treatment when she decided to shave her hair rather than watch it come out in clumps. A week after that she told the class that she was participating in the VICTORIA’S SECRET SOUL CYCLE SPIN FOR A CANCER CURE to raise money for PELOTONIA, a non profit organization dedicated to eliminating cancer. I signed up right away. It was pretty much me, Melanie, five Victoria Secret supermodels and a room full of guys.

After the event, which raised over $200,000 in under an hour, we talked about the experience. I told her it was funny that we were one of the few women at the event while spin classes are typically dominated by women. Melanie told me a few of her friends asked her why she, newly bald, would put herself in a room with five Victoria Secret models at such a vulnerable point in her life. “Why shouldn’t I be in a room with those women? I’m special and they’re special. I shine. They shine.” This from the woman who shaved her head only a week before!

Melanie chants,

No matter who you are and what life hands you,
Realize your worth.
Just because someone is faster, Doesn’t mean they are farther along.
I shine and you shine.
Everybody has their own unique gifts.
We’re on this journey together to find them.

Yesterday’s ride is over.
Dig deep from where you are now
And start climbing…
Cause the rest of this hill ain’t nothing!”

That’s right Melanie, dig deep…and shine on.

Check out Melanie’s blog here:

From Melanie’s Playlist:

Read more about Melanie in The PRIME Book…coming soon!

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