The PRIME Book Meets Shiva Rose

“Let us Lay in the sun. And count every beautiful thing we can see” -Neutral Milk Hotel

We met Shiva Rose through her friend and fellow actress, Sarah Wynter. As we were photographing Sarah and discussing the women we were hoping to reach out to for PRIME, she immediately said, ” I know the perfect woman for this project! Shiva Rose!”

Indeed, Shiva turned out to PERFECTLY embody a woman in her prime. Having seen enough photographs of her to know she has exquisite style and a stunningly exotic face, we were blown away when she walked in the door for her photo shoot.  Not a stitch of make up, lush untamed mane and an openness you don’t often see in celebrities. She clearly feels at home in her own skin, no matter what incredible item of clothing she chooses to cover it in! She is a passionate actress,  committed humanitarian and writer with a true bohemian spirit.

Shiva shares her favorite discoveries for natural, holistic green living in her website, The Local Rose and speaks to us about living in her prime below:

To learn more about one of the causes dear to Shiva’s heart, please visit Violence Intervention Program


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One Response to The PRIME Book Meets Shiva Rose

  1. Mike says:

    A Breathtaking, consummate actress…. a down to earth author with a refreshing style you want to read again and again. And a gardner after my own heart. Someone to emulate. Thank you….

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